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Bottom: Original broken band in pieces.
Top: Restored with the 'magic' applied

Welcome to Rolex Tudor Watch Band restorations !!

Rejuvenating / Rebuild your Rolex , Tudor wristwatch bands.  Rivet / Riveted Rolex Oyster , Folded Rolex Oyster , Solid Rolex Oyster , Folded Rolex Jubilee , Solid Rolex Jubilee are our specialty !!

A total Rolex Band refinishing service

I am in no way related or affilated to Rolex SA (some standard clause here!), but being a fellow Rolex collector myself, I find the Rolex band to be the weakest link of the whole watch. Bands; be it Oyster, Jubilee or President bands; riveted or thick solid ones become loose after several years of normal use. Imagine the condition of a band for ye olde collectors of 40 year Old+ Submariners and the likes.

Having accumulated a whole collection of Rolex watches but mostly with "loose" bands. I have set to reverse this situation

How can we do it at this price ?

I have employed some expert watchmakers in China (there is no way I could afford to do this in a modern society due to the labour it involves!!) to help me take the whole band apart and practically not just refinish, I would say it is like a total REMANUFACTURE process.   From straightening the bent links, polishing and replace worn springs.....

How long have you been around?

Originally offering this service for a few friends back in 1998, but the high demand forced me to scale up a little. I have now employed a few more expert band restorers to help shorten the wait time. Current turn around time on a complete band remanufacturing is only 3 weeks.

The end results are astonishing (see attached pictures), I literally sent the bands off in pieces and it comes back practically as close to new as you would think.

We Can fix this!! Pricing

The service price for each band (men or women , Rolex or Tudor )is as follows:

Oyster Bands

Riveted & Folded :                          USD 65

Additional option for Riveted bands is to add springs to convert your band into a much sought after "expansion" bracelet
Expansion Conversion:                USD 20

Expansion (spring) type Riveted:   USD 75

Solid :                                                USD 80

Two Tone Stainless Steel / Gold   USD 120

18ct Gold Bands                       USD500

Jubilee Bands

Folded:                                           USD 65

Solid :                                              USD 80

Two Tone Stainless Steel / Gold   USD 120

18ct Gold Bands                       USD 500

President  18K Bands:

18ct Gold Bands                           USD 500

Other Ladies (older type) expansion bands:

Picture is requested before a quote can be given

Shipping and Payment

Payment must be made via Paypal in advance

Return postage with insurance is a flat rate USD 15 for each order regardless of the number of bands sent . Thus, the more bands you send the more you save in postage!!

Turnaround time of the service is 3-4 weeks excluding postal delivery time (usually doesn't take more than a week)

Contact me via: Michael_ck_young@hotmail.com